Diagnostics & Fault Finding

  • Miss-fire Detection
  • Non-starting
  • Ignition Diagnosis
  • ECU Fault Deletion
  • Basic Electrical repairs & wiring
Modern cars have sensors which report any faults to the ECU (Engine control unit). These faults are logged on the ECU's memory. A diagnostic code reader is required to read and clear these codes.

At VW Clinic we have the latest technology diagnostic equipment to run diagnostic tests on all vehicles. This means that you do not have to visit a dealership to identify fault codes and warning messages.

Our diagnostic procedure includes the following:

1. RETRIEVE DATA - A diagnostic tool is used to read faults stored.
  • Computer codes
  • Freeze frame data
  • Computer software version numbers
  • Sensor data and status information
  • Engine vacuum and backpressure
  • Mechanical and electrical engine timing
  • Ignition system
  • Fuel system
  • Emissions system
  • Working through wiring diagrams (VW and Audi only)
  • Performing electrical and/or mechanical tests
  • Visual inspections of suspect areas
4. CAR REPAIR - Depending on the faults found.
  • Parts replacement
  • Cleaning of passages, connections and/or components
  • Updating of vehicle's computer software
  • Wiring repair or replacement (VW and Audi only)
    Once all necessary actions have been taken, we reset the codes and test the vehicle to verify that the repair is complete.

"Thank you for the excellent service and workmanship. Always a pleasure dealing with VW Clinic. - Heinrich (Audi A3)"

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